Watch these lovely Dutch Muslim immigrant kids warn, “Convert or die”


Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, has been warning his countrymen, as well as the rest of the world, the dangers of mass, Islamic immigration. During a speech given at the Four Seasons in NYC, Geert said:

Paris has seen its uprising in the low-income suburbs, the banlieus. I call the perpetrators ‘settlers’ because that is what they are. They do not come to integrate into our societies; they come to integrate our society into their Dar-al-Islam. Therefore, they are settlers.

Watch the video below, what Geert warns about is reality, the transcript can be read below the video:

Muslim boy #1: The kufar are standing in our way!
Interviewer: Who exactly are they?

Muslim boy #1: They are the “unbelievers.” For example people who have no faith in Islam.

Interviewer: What’s wrong with those people?

Muslim boy #1: It’ s not tolerated

Muslim kid #2: What they do is wrong. It is very easy to say …. they don’t worship Allah.

Interviewer: And what do you think about Dutch women and the way they dress themselves.

Muslim kid #3 It’s not according to our faith. I think it’s no good. No? No!

Muslim boy #1: We have to maltreat them. Yes!

Muslim teen #2: Finally it comes to it comes to this it has to be (says something in Arabic)… an Islamic state.
Where are Muslim simply can live according to Islam rules. Further, we don’t need anything else. That’s the only thing we need!
Screen-Shot-2015-10-15-at-6.24.27-PM-800x444Muslim boy #1: If ISIS will come in and shoot us dead it wouldn’t be there for. We are living in a “Kufar State.” how have I to say it. It’s not our fault. They would not be punished for that. We will be punished.

My last words, when I want to say, convert yourself to Islam. All of you!

Girls behave yourself!~ And dress appropriately. Call 06112…

Let the fire. Let the fire. Let the fire in Palestine.