Twin Explosions Rock Turkish Capital


Numerous casualties have been reported as two powerful blasts rocked a road junction in the Turkish capital, Ankara, the local Dogan News Agency reported.

According to local media, the explosion took place near Ankara Central railway station, the busiest in Turkey, which serves 181 trains daily.Several ambulances have been reportedly seen at the scene.

More than 20 people were reportedly killed in the explosions, Dogan News said, citing police and medics.

The explosions took place several minutes apart, with the first going off at around 10:00am (0700 GMT), according to local Dogan news agency.


Al Jazeera reports:

CQ8IQemWsAA9eFuThe explosions occurred near a train station where people were gathering for a peace march to protest against the conflict between the state and Kurdish fighters in southeast Turkey.

Eyewitnesses told the AFP news agency several bodies were seen lying on the ground.

The anti-government peace rally was being organised by leftist groups.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was to hold a meeting with security chief after the blast, the prime minister’s office said.