Last night’s 3 hour Democrat debate, condensed to 7 minutes(VIDEO)


Nearly 3 hours long and when it was all said and done, we learned nothing new and it changed no minds.

CNN’s first Democrat debate of 2016 was painful to say the least. Most of the time, the candidates stroked each other on how they agreed on most progressive doctrine, which for the most part, means free goodies for those who vote for them. Free health care(even for illegals), free education(even for illegals), higher wages, etc.

The most cringeworthy segment was when Sterling Wilkens of Iowa asked the candidates if “black lives matter or do all lives matter?” The pandering and subliminal police bashing was barely palpable.

Sanders was first to field the questions and states:

African Americans know, that on any given day, some innocent person like Sandra Bland can get into a car and then 3 days later, she’s gonna end up dead in jail. Or if their kids are going to get shot

The narrative here is the police killed Sandra Bland. An autopsy conducted by the Harris County medical examiner ruled Bland’s death a suicide, and said it found no evidence of a violent struggle.

And what does he mean if their kids are “going to get shot?” Is he implying that cops go out every day on the job, looking to shoot those with a darker complexion?

Sanders panders hard to Black Lives Matters, the same group that bum-rushed his campaign speech, and goes along with the narrative that there is an institutionalized racism within police departments.

Watch the 7 minute highlight film of this years Democratic low-lights.

Mike Huckabee was not impressed