Syrian kids hide under mattresses during Russian bombing runs


An assault on Syria’s largest city is heating up, causing more despair, as CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports

CNN-From under a mattress, a small child emerges on all fours, oblivious to the danger in the skies. Out from another mattress crawls a baby.

16165349893_6517275636Rare amateur video obtained by CNN shows entire families in farm fields cowering under mattresses as they attempt to shield themselves from airstrikes — as if bedding could protect them from aerial bombardment.

The video, reported to be from the countryside south of Aleppo, provides a harrowing view of the toll Syria’s war is taking on mothers, fathers, children and babies. Aid agencies say tens of thousands of people may be on the move from this swath of poor farmland as fighters from the Syrian regime, Iran and Hezbollah move through on their way to Aleppo.