SNL Really Doesn’t Want You To Have a Gun


SNL(Saturday Night Left), have long ago dropped all pretenses to which way they lean politically, which is WAY left.

Did you catch the season premier? It was the Hillary Clinton rehabilitation hour.

For episode 3, staring the bitterly unfunny Amy Schumer, the show shared its progressive view that guns are the problem with America as are those who wants them.

st1In a skit entitled, Guns-We’re Here To Stay, Amy Schumer and crew are featured in a fake ad that began with people dealing with important moments in their life, all of which ended up centering on guns.

In one scene, a newly born baby is given a tiny gun, in another, lovers shoot their guns brainlessly at a shooting star, which is really the point SNL, and progressives in general make: People with guns and support gun rights are stupid and dangerous.

So if you are a fan of unfunny, progressive humor, which is an oxymoron, and NOT a fan of the Constitution, then tune in weekly to SNL. Or just stick your head in a bag of bullet ants, it’s all the same.