Several reasons for the mass outbreak of terror attacks in Israel that will leave you speechless


Down with Israel Palestinian kids protest

Have you wondered why there’s a sudden outbreak of terror attacks within the borders of Israel? Well look no further! We have uncovered several examples of the Palestinian Authority’s using Palestinian TV stations to promote their agenda of attacking as many Israelis as possible, encouraging a third intifada. For those who don’t know the last intifada erupted when former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount which was seen as highly provocative according to the Palestinian Authority’s, which subsequently resulted in them promoting murder for some reason (we’ll never try to understand the mind of bat sh*t crazy people). The last intifada began in 2000 and ended in 2005, taking over 3000 Palestinian lives and 1000 Israelis.

Below we have a video that was taken from a Palestinian TV station showing exactly how to kill Israelis on buses.

The second video is also equally as disturbing as the first. It shows how to murder as many Israelis as possible on the streets.

The third and final video is the first video we uncovered that is basically a first step leading to the second two. This video shows exactly where to stab people to kill them the quickest.

As you can imagine there can be no peace with people actively promoting the murder of innocent people within your borders. Somehow the Palestinian Authority still believe that these people are victims even after evidence is revealed that the people they promote as heroes are actually terrorist committing terrorist acts within another country’s borders.

We’ll continue to stand with the people of Israel and hope the world will open up its eyes and see the conflict for what it is, one nation backed by Iran actively attempting to kill as many people of the other nation as possible.