San Fransisco middle school cancels elections, too many whites won


PrincipalLenaVanHarenIn the city that leads the nation in the quests for the perfect utopia, San Fransisco withheld the results from last last weeks elections by the principle because, as she put it, “were not diverse enough.”

According to Principal Lena Van Haren, Everett Middle School has a diverse student body. She said 80 percent of students are students of color and 20 percent are white, but the election results did not represent the entire study body.

“That is concerning to me because as principal I want to make sure all voices are heard from all backgrounds,” Van Haren said….

So according to Van Haren, the NBA should suspend its season because there are not enough white players? After all, the NBA comprises of 73% black players while the population only carries 13%.

Well that doesn’t sound like utopia? Progressive utopia is all about colors, not qualifications. It’s about feel good quotas and not merit or hard work.Progressives like Van Haren need more blacks elected so they can feel better when their BMWs get parked by a black or Mexican Valet, or when pretend racial equalists like Kelly Osbourne has her toilet cleaned by her maid from south of the boarder.

“We’re not nullifying the election, we’re not cancelling the election and we’re not saying this didn’t count,” Van Haren said.

She said the school may possibly add positions in an effort to be more equal.

“I’m very hopeful this can be a learning experience and actually be something that embodied our vision which is to help students make positive change,” she added.

This exercise in this otherwise unknown middle school in San Fran is a prime example of what equality really looks like in a progressive run fairytale. The will of many must be altered, replaced by the bureaucracy of the very few.

The students voted and democracy was subverted. The lesson they will take from this is cynicism.