I’m not going to shoot you,’ cop says after suicidal gunman shoots him in chest


2D2EA03000000578-3264314-image-a-34_1444264815257Four Cleveland police officers have been exonerated in a deadly March shooting because bodycam video shows they were dealing with a man wanting to commit “suicide by cop.”

The compelling drama all played out shortly after some Cleveland police officers began wearing bodycams.

Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President Steve Loomis said the video shows officers working above and beyond the call of duty to avoid shooting 64-year-old Theodore Johnson, who fired at officer David Muniz coming up the stairs to negotiate with him.

Muniz was saved by a bulletproof vest that deflected a bullet aimed at his heart.

Officers try to persuade Johnson to drop his weapon. He refuses, leaving police no choice but to shoot him.

“Certainly there’s nothing left to the imagination in this case. Conspiracy theorists are left with their mouths shut,” Loomis said.