Turns Out That Bomb-Clock Kids’s Dad is a Truther


Just a little over 3 weeks ago, Ahmed Mohamed, just another student in the Texas education system, made headline news after being arrested for a bombastic episode of show and tell. Ahmed received praised from Silicon Valley tech companies, support from Hillary Clinton and even an invitation to the White House. But since the initial group hyperventilation session by the liberal press, more and more details about Ahmed and his family are rising to the surface.

First, it was discovered that Ahmed didn’t create anything at all but instead, just disassembled an old digital clock and placed it in a box. Then his motives were questioned as to why he would place a broken clock into a case and parade it from class to class. This was not the result of any assignment, he just brought it in on his own.
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Just yesterday it was revealed on TruthRevolt that Ahmed’s father, Mohamad al Hassan Mohamad, is a full on truther.

Bomb-clock senior posted  on his “National Reform Party” Arabic-language Facebook page,  articles, video and photos claiming that the 9/11 attacks were a hoax engineered by the U.S. to catalyze a war with Muslims.

here is one of Mohamad’s rants:

Al Qaeda’s attack on September 11, 2001 is a recurring topic of discussion on Mohammed’s own Arabic-language National Reform Party Facebook page where—beside photos of his family enjoying their newfound fame—are posted articles, photos and videos featuring both implicit, and explicit claims that the 9/11 attacks were a US-sponsored hoax to launch a war against Islam and Muslims.

[…] Until recently, the National Reform Facebook page displayed the same profile picture Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed’s used for his personal Facebook profile picture. Mohammed’s National Reform Party page continues to post the same pictures, videos and articles about Ahmed Mohammed, and the Clock saga, as does Mohammed ElHassan on his personal page.

On September 12th, 2015, his National Reform page shared a photo that featured the smoking World Trade Center towers above text in Arabic describing the events of September 11th as “an American media creation” and calls them, “terrorism American style.” It also blames the U.S. for the events of the Arab Spring, calling it a U.S. plan to “foment reprehensible chaos.”


Just something more to chew on before you donate to that istandwithahmed gofundme campaign.