McDonald’s thinks eating their food all day is a great diet plan for your kids



Remember John Cisna, the Iowa teacher, made the short documentary. “540 Meals: Choices Make the Difference,” in 2014? Cisna reported to had lost 60 pounds in 180 days, eating nothing but McDonalds every day. The catch was? Cisna limited his daily intake to 2000 calories.

After getting attention for his YouTube film from the likes of Reddit, Cisna was approached by McDonald’s, for whom he is now a paid “brand ambassador,” making appearances at schools and maintaining a busy Twitter account where he promotes his school appearances.

2890B56D00000578-3077366-image-m-94_1431378613775McDonald’s has produced a “teacher’s discussion guide,” which suggests the 20-minute documentary be shown in classes “as a supplemental video to current food and nutritional curriculum.”

McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb wrote in an email to FORTUNE. “Later that year, McDonald’s named John Cisna an official brand ambassador and he travels the country to share his personal story of choice and balance.”

She continued:

John’s story is not a weight loss plan, and we do not recommend that anyone eat every meal at one restaurant every day for an extended period. Rather, John’s story is about making informed and balanced choices no matter where you choose to eat and incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

As an educator, he independently conducted his experiment and he uses it to promote critical thinking about balance and informed choices. As part of his relationship with McDonald’s, the original documentary John Cisna created to track his experiment was updated to better reflect the importance of food choice and balance together with moderate physical activity.